Hi, I'm Emma (she/her), the founder and designer behind Assemblage. I am an independent fashion designer that is dedicated to creating an androgynous and sustainable space within the fashion industry. My design process centers around salvaging vintage textiles and materials that are unwanted or nearing the end of their life. To preserve the historical significance these textiles hold, I produce one of a kind garments inspired by vintage workwear and American heritage. A lot of my inspiration comes from my Midwest surroundings; industrial, rugged, and worn. My design process is thoughtful, intentional, and constructed to last another lifetime. 

All textile materials are true vintage and ethically sourced around the Midwest. All notions like zippers, buttons, and thread are carefully sourced from small businesses in the United States and Japan. All aspects of design and production take place in my sewing studio in Michigan. 



The name "Assemblage" refers to assemblage as an art form and medium, originating from the cubist constructions of Pablo Picasso. Assemblage artists create three dimensional collages and sculptures by compiling together scavenged objects and materials the everyday person may find meaningless or otherwise undervalue.

I explore assemblage throughout my work by sewing scavenged materials together, many of which have been damaged or otherwise found undesirable in some way. Often times these textiles are stained, damaged, and need a lot of care. It is my intention that preserving these pieces gives them new life without producing excess waste.